Can we live in the Burj Khalifa?

Can we live in the Burj Khalifa?

In addition to being the highest structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa has 900 premium properties ranging from studios to a massive 5-bedroom penthouse. Fitness facilities, a library, a cigar club, a conference area, a gourmet shop, jacuzzis, and both indoor and outdoor pools are available to residents. The building also has a theater, three golf courses, a school, and a water park.

Currently, the tallest building in the world is the Shanghai Tower, which was built in 2008. The tower is 828 meters (2644 feet) high and contains luxury apartments as well as a hotel on each of its 32 floors. It is expected to hold this title for only a few years since there's another skyscraper being constructed in Dubai that will be taller than the Burj Khalifa when it is completed in 2016.

The record for the second-highest office building goes to the Pinnacle Center in Toronto, which holds this title at 203 m (669 ft). The third-highest office building is the Laurentius Tower in Leeuwarden, Netherlands at 192 m (623 ft).

The fourth-highest office building is the Hubin Tower in Chengdu, China at 181 m (594 ft). The fifth-highest office building is the World Financial Centre in Dubai at 180 m (594 ft).

Can I own a flat in Burj Khalifa?

The pinnacle of luxurious life. It's difficult to imagine a more exclusive address than the world's tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa. The flats of Burj Khalifa Tower provide luxury living like nowhere else in the world, with 900 units available for purchase, including studios, one, two, three, and four-bedroom suites. You can take in views that reach far beyond what you might expect from a skyscraper when you walk into your home, with some rooms having walls as long as 45 feet!

Residents have access to several amenities designed to make their lives more comfortable, including a health club with a spa, a cinema, a music room, a library, and much more. There is also a private beach area at the top of the building where you can enjoy sunsets.

Burj Khalifa was built by Sheikh Khaled Ben Khalifa who wanted to create a place for his family to live out their highest dreams. The tower is named after him, as well as the other partners who took part in its construction: Emirati companies Al Gergawi Group and Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The first residential unit sold for $750,000 in 2009 and prices continue to rise. Currently, you can buy a flat here priced between $1 million and $10 million.

In conclusion, yes, you can own a flat in Burj Khalifa!

Does Burj Khalifa have 163 floors?

Since its completion in 2009, the Burj Khalifa has been the tallest structure and skyscraper in the world, with a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft) and a roof height (without antenna) of 828 m (2,717 ft). There are 163 floors in all. The building is owned by the Dubai government-owned company, Dubai Properties, which also owns the nearby Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

The original plan was to build only 140 floors, but after it was approved, the emir of Dubai ordered that another 23 floors be added. This makes the actual number of floors 164.

In addition to being tall, the Burj Khalifa is also wide - it has a base area of about 22,000 m2 (24,900 ac) - and it weighs nearly half a million pounds. It also has more than 6,000 light bulbs, which make it the largest illuminated display board in the world.

A viewing gallery on the top floor offers views across downtown Dubai, including the famous Palm Jumeirah island project. There are also restaurants and shops at the top floor.

The building is powered entirely by solar energy - there are panels placed on each floor of the tower, which collect sunlight throughout the day and then transmit this energy back into the grid when needed. In fact, it is considered one of the most efficient buildings of its kind in the world.

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