Do you live in or at?

Do you live in or at?

If a home has a name (think Bronte sisters), you might live AT the house (I lived at Greyoaks my whole life), but if it's not a single family dwelling (say, a hotel or an apartment building), it's IN. You also dwell IN a town or in a specific area, such as Nob Hill, and AT an intersection. These are all correct uses of the word.

Do you always live in a dwelling or a flat in India?

You are always residing and never at. I reside in a little house, for example. In India, an apartment is commonly referred to as a "flat" by others. I'm guessing the OP is speaking in an Indian dialect. That is right, I live in a flat. You may, however, always stay at someone's place. It may not be preferred there. I'm staying with my aunt.

What do you call a place where you stay?

You reside in the location where you live, whether it be a house, a motel, or a mobile home. You may also use the word "reside" to refer to the neighborhood where you live. You may live in a certain neighborhood, town, or city. It depends on how you are being asked to respond.

If you answer that question correctly, then you are a resident of a residence hall.

Residence halls can be found everywhere from college campuses to military bases to high-rise apartments buildings. Some residents halls allow you to have a room with a private bathroom, while others may only offer shared bathrooms. Some may even provide kitchen facilities for your use. The important thing is that you get permission from the management to enter another person's home. They should also give you information about what services they provide and what the cost is like per month. If there are problems with safety or maintenance, then you should know this before you sign up.

People usually move into residence halls because it's cheaper than renting a room in a house or apartment building. This way, you don't need a full payment each month, just the difference between the rent and your other expenses.

Some residence halls have a family atmosphere. They may have a parent organization that manages the budget and employment of staff members.

Do you live in an apartment or a house?

Do you live in a house or an apartment? A: I now reside in a three-bedroom house with a bathroom and an open living area with a dining area and kitchen. It also has a wide yard in front of the home and a huge veranda in the back with fantastic views. B: I used to live in an apartment, but I don't any more. The bedroom is too small and the living room is too big.

In America most people who are not rich live in apartments. In England and other European countries they usually live in houses. However, there are many apartment buildings in major cities such as Berlin, Paris, and Moscow.

The reason why most people in America live in apartments is because it's very expensive to live in a house here. Also, most houses in America are at least two stories high which means that your upstairs apartment doesn't have its own roof so it can be used for additional income. Finally, apartments tend to be easier to maintain than houses since there's no yard to take care of and housekeepers like easy work!

There are several reasons why people in Europe live in houses instead of apartments. First of all, houses are cheaper than apartments. This is probably because apartments need to be maintained by professionals who charge enough for their services to cover the cost of buying supplies for them.

Where is your house or home?

A house is not tied to the family atmosphere, however a home is. A house, such as a boarding house, is a living area that lacks a family atmosphere. "Where do you live?" is a better question. "My home is in Boston."

A motel is a place where people stay while traveling so they can have a clean and comfortable place to sleep. Most motels are also used by people looking for some entertainment - either indoor or outdoor.

A hotel is a place that rents rooms to travelers who want to be near important places or because they need a place to rest after a long trip. Hotels usually have more privacy than motels but less than homes.

A hospital is a large building with many rooms where doctors and other health professionals work with patients. Patients may receive treatment there too. Nurses help doctors with patient care and provide support outside of doctor's visits. Other staff include administrative employees, food service workers, janitors, and security guards.

An apartment is a small room inside of a larger building where someone lives. There should be space to move about and keep some belongings, but not much more. An apartment might have a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. It is usually owned by someone who lives there too.

Where do you stay vs. where do you live?

Whereas "live" refers to long-term habitation, "stay" usually refers to a short-term visit. If you ask a tourist where they stay, they will most likely tell you the name of their hotel (while thinking you have made a grammatical mistake). But if you ask them where they live, they will probably say something like "I live in London," or "I stay in a guest house."

The word "stay" is also used in reference to vacation homes. If I told you that my friend has a beach house "stay" then would you know what that means? She doesn't live there, she just visits sometimes.

The dictionary says this usage is now obsolete but it's still commonly found in modern language. For example, someone might say that your behavior "stays" polite even when you're being insulted.

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