Does anyone live in Graceland Mansion?

Does anyone live in Graceland Mansion?

The upstairs chambers in Graceland, however, remain private. Many people are unaware that beyond visitation hours, the Presley mansion remains a residence. "It closes down fairly beautifully at night," Lisa Marie, who visits her birthplace frequently, adds. "I have extremely close relations that live in Memphis," she explains. "They're friends of the family, so they get to come in and out at any time."

In fact, some members of the Presley family even stay there when they visit. "There's just me and my husband now," says Lisa Marie. "But my mom usually has a housekeeper and cook, too."

Lisa Marie's daughter, Arden, was born in 1994 and son Elijah in 1999. The girls are adopted and from different countries - India for Arden and Russia for its owner, Michael Jackson.

Elijah is also adopted from Russia and he, too, has a special relationship with his famous father. According to Lisa Marie, "He loves everything about Elvis - from clothes to movies to music. He knows every song that he ever sang."

Elvis' daughter has been invited to Graceland many times but she always declines due to pregnancy or other reasons. However, she does plan to make an exception once her mother gets married again.

"She wants to be married herself one day!" laughs Lisa Marie.

Where is the guest house at Graceland located?

The Guest House at Graceland, owned by Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie, is a magnificent resort located just steps away from the renowned estate. Traveling south has never felt so good, because you can count on elegant lodgings and unique admission to certain Elvis activities hosted by our resort.

The Guest House at Graceland opened its doors in August 2014. The luxury hotel is situated across the street from Graceland itself, and offers personalized service that Elvises' fans have come to expect over the years. There are also several restaurants where you can take your time and relax after a long day of touring Graceland.

You can reach The Guest House at Graceland by driving north on Graceland Road out of downtown Memphis. The hotel is located near the end of this road, on the left hand side.

Where in America is Graceland?

Tennessee's Memphis Elvis' actual house, Graceland, is located on a 13.8-acre estate near Memphis, Tennessee. Graceland has been owned by Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie Presley since his death. The Graceland mansion's full address is 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee. 38355 in ZIP code.

Elvis bought the 7,944-square-foot home for $150,000 in March 1976 and had added onto it over the years. He died in August 1977 at age 42 after suffering a heart attack while sleeping.

Graceland has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since February 9, 1980. The property includes several other buildings: a garage, a shed, a pool house, and a guesthouse.

There are actually two Gracelands. The first was built in 1874 by John Finlay as a hunting cabin for himself and his wife Grace. They sold the land to William Gracie, who in turn donated it to his son-in-law Robert 'Ree' Wallace who used the money he made as a steamboat captain to buy a plantation near Memphis, Tennessee called Belmont. Wallace later divorced his wife and married another woman named Ann Cole. They had a daughter named Eliza who went by the name Liz. In 1870, Wallace sold his plantation and moved to Mississippi where he worked as a planter. He died in 1872 at the age of 39.

What was the upstairs area of Graceland known for?

The upstairs portion of the Graceland estate is part of musical history, from his songs until his untimely end. Some photographs of the bedroom and office spaces have surfaced. "He constantly had books piled high next to his bed, all of which were religious. "There's a tiny office next to his bedroom," Lisa Marie explains."

In addition to being Elvis's personal retreat, the upstairs space served as an album production facility for many of his projects. A large control room stood at the foot of the stairs leading up to the studio floor. Here, tape machines, mixers, and other recording equipment were kept in constant use by members of the Gracenote staff.

Upstairs also contained two bedrooms. The larger of the two was used by Elvis when he did not want to be disturbed. It was here that he would lock himself away from the world to write new material or just read. The smaller room was where he would sleep during his visits to Memphis.

Elvis always wanted to be a musician when he was a young boy, so much so that he even changed his school year to begin playing guitar then continue on to college as opposed to his fellow students who started in ninth grade and finished in 12th grade. He never stopped wanting to be a singer even though he already had one successful album behind him, and he worked hard at developing his own style of music that could never be copied by anyone else.

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