What are greenhouses called?

What are greenhouses called?

A greenhouse, also known as a glass house or hothouse, is a structure in which plants such as flowers and vegetables are cultivated. The roof is commonly made of glass or transparent plastic. Greenhouses can be used for growing plants outdoors during the colder months. They provide a protected environment where plants can grow without being affected by heat or cold winds.

The word "greenhouse" comes from old English gresshoþe, which means "herb garden". This term was first used to describe an enclosed courtyard with trees and herbs that could be visited by royalty or visitors to their palace. These were often located near royal palaces because of the abundance of medicinal plants and fruit trees they offered.

In modern times, the word "greenhouse" has also become a generic name for a greenhouse plant. Some examples are geranium, gloxinia, and spider lily.

There are several types of structures used for cultivating plants, including window boxes, patio pots, and indoor gardens. All require some form of lighting to provide energy for the plants to live on. In general, these devices are referred to as "artificial light sources".

Outdoor greenhouses need to be constructed to withstand the elements. They must be able to protect plants from rain, snow, wind, and heat.

What is the alternative name for a greenhouse?

Glasshouse A greenhouse, often known as a glasshouse, is a structure meant to shelter young or out-of-season plants from extreme cold or heat. The walls are made of glass, plastic, or metal and allow light into the interior while providing some protection from wind, rain, snow, ice, and heat. Greenhouses can be used to grow plants that would not normally survive outside in winter.

The word "greenhouse" comes from the old English gresshoþe, which means "herb garden." These were open areas where herbs could be grown for cooking or medicine. Greenhouses have been used for growing plants since at least the 16th century, but they weren't available to the public until much later. In 1753, the first commercial greenhouses were built in London, England. They were made of wood and opened each season to offer fresh flowers without having to plant in fall or take down in spring.

Today, most greenhouses are made of glass or plastic and serve one of two main purposes: growing plants that don't do well outside (such as roses) or storing crops off-season when the prices are high (such as tomatoes). Some greenhouses are both heated and cooled using electric fans, heaters, or air conditioners.

What is the green house called?

The walls are made of transparent materials, such as glass or plastic, which allow light in but prevent pests and wind damage. Glasshouses are used instead of buildings with thick stone walls for growing warm-weather crops outside of Europe and North America.

The word "glasshouse" comes from the fact that these structures were originally made entirely of glass panels. Nowadays, they usually have some plastic sheeting as well for insulation purposes.

Although glasshouses offer the advantage of allowing natural light into the garden, some people find them limiting because you can't see what's happening inside the greenhouse if you aren't looking directly at it.

In addition, glasshouses can be expensive to build and maintain, so many small farmers and gardeners choose to use more affordable alternatives. These include polycarbonate and acrylic sheets, which can be painted if needed, and wooden frames with fiberglass insulation sandwiched between two layers of wood.

People also use tubs filled with pebbles or gravel, which act as a weight to keep the soil mixture compact while providing some insulation from the cold ground or hot sun.

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