How big is the Marland Mansion in Oklahoma?

How big is the Marland Mansion in Oklahoma?

The E.W. Marland Home is a 43,561-square-foot (4,046.9-square-meter) Mediterranean Revival-style mansion in Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA. It was built in 1929–1930 for $100,000 ($1.5 million in 2015 dollars). At the time it was one of the largest private homes in Oklahoma.

The house has 30 rooms over three floors with a total area of 3,420 square feet (310 square meters). The main floor has 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. The second floor has eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms. There are also two guesthouses on the property with their own kitchenette and bath.

It was designed by Dallas architect Charles L. Dickey and constructed by the Ponca City Construction Company. The mansion's exterior is covered in marble and contains many art pieces. It is set on an estate of more than 20 acres (81,528 sq m).

The Marland family first moved into the home on February 19, 1930. Mrs. Marland died in 1944 at the age of 44 after giving birth to her thirteenth child. Her husband never recovered from this tragedy and died only six years later in 1950 at the age of sixty-three.

Who now owns the Marland Mansion?

Ponca City is a city in the state of Oklahoma. The sales tax issue was approved, and the City of Ponca City now owns the Marland Estate, including the house and all of the other structures on the 30-acre property. The overall cost of the transaction was $1.4 million. The estate plans to sell some of the items from the estate at auction later this year.

The Marland Mansion is one of the most famous houses in Oklahoma. It is located in Ponca City, about 20 miles south of Oklahoma City. The house was built in 1910 for Dr. Charles M. Marland, an orthopedic surgeon. He had it designed by an architect from Chicago named Dwight James Baum. When Dr. Marland died in 1916, he left his wife Mary Ellen "Molly" Wright Marland nearly half of his fortune; with more than $750,000 in cash. They had no children together, but she did have two sons from a previous marriage. Mrs. Marland wanted to make sure that they would be taken care of even after she died, so she created three different trusts for them. One trust was for her husband, one for her own death, and one forever after. She also gave the couple freedom to spend their money as they saw fit so long as it didn't affect the distribution of income to their beneficiaries.

How big is the main house at Graceland?

17,552 sq. Ft. What is the current size of the Graceland mansion? There are 17,552 square feet available. The previous size was 15,093 square feet.

There are five bedrooms and six bathrooms in the main house.

The master bedroom has a balcony that looks out over the backyard. It also has a dressing room and a walk-in closet. The second bedroom is similar to the first but it's smaller. The third bedroom is also small but comfortable enough for a single person to sleep in.

The fourth and fifth bedrooms are large but they share a bathroom each. There's also a family bathroom downstairs that serves as another entrance into the house from the garage.

The kitchen has granite countertops, a breakfast nook, a dining area, and a great room with a fireplace. There's also a separate laundry room with storage space. Outside you'll find a garden, several patios, and a swimming pool. Also on site is a gym with a sauna and a steam room.

In total, there are 25,000 square feet of living space inside the main house at Graceland. This includes all three floors plus an attic.

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