How is the lobby in a Boston apartment?

How is the lobby in a Boston apartment?

A refurbished lobby, new HVAC equipment in units 3,4,5, and 6, and a 700 sf expansion to the penthouse in unit 6 were all part of the rehabilitation. The building's exterior is made of brick, limestone, and terra-cotta. Wall-to-wall carpeting, arched walnut walls with mirrored insets, and an exquisite plaster coffered barrel vaulted ceiling grace the foyer. A security desk with video monitoring stands in the center.

The staff at Boston Commons are very friendly and will help you with any questions you may have. They can also give you suggestions on what to see and do in the area.

There are three restaurants at the complex: Red Fish Cafe (Asian), Ruby's Diner (American), and O'Neill's Pub & Grill (Irish). Each restaurant has its own bar where you can get drinks after 5 p.m. There is also a supermarket called Shaw's that sells food from various countries including Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mexican, and American.

The complex has a gym with a pool, saunas, and a tennis court. There are also two playgrounds for children to enjoy during their stay.

Boston Commons is within walking distance of several major tourist attractions such as Chinatown, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, New England Aquarium, and Museum of Fine Arts. Buses run throughout the city and stop near the complex. Taxis are available at the front desk of the building.

How are the apartments connected within the Palace of Versailles?

A ceremonial stairway connected each pair of apartments to the ground level, and each included seven rooms lined in a row: a vestibule, a room for the guards, an antechamber, a chamber, a huge cabinet or office, a smaller bedroom, and a smaller cabinet. The main floor area of the apartment was about one acre (0.4 ha). Each apartment had its own entrance, located either at the front or the back, but never on the side.

The apartments were arranged around a central hall with columns supporting the roof. This "grand salon" was used for entertaining guests or holding court sessions. The walls were painted with large-scale paintings that dominated the room. Other than these halls, all other rooms were private and only accessible by a locked door. There were also several small closets where we can imagine items being stored such as clothes for the servants or jewelry for the queen.

The furniture in the apartments was kept simple, usually just a big bed with some chairs nearby. In the offices, there might be tables to work on along with bookshelves. In the bedrooms, there might be a dressing table with mirrors or even a bathtub. But most things could be sent upstairs to the servant's quarters since they didn't need much space.

The quality of life in the palace was similar to that of people who are rich today.

What is the interior of an in-law apartment like?

We have literally thought of everything. To fully understand the interior rendering and plans for this in-law residence, click on the photographs. This floor plan will suit you perfectly. It is quite well thought out. The bedrooms are large and the bathrooms even larger. There is also a laundry room with sink, toilet, and washer/dryer hookups.

When you first enter the foyer, to your left there is a large living room with a kitchenette that slides out from between the two rooms. The dining area is also large with space for six people to eat together. There are two other smaller bedrooms and a full bathroom upstairs. When you get into the attic, you can see there is also another bedroom up here.

This house was originally built as two separate residences. One was built in 1958 and the other one in 1980. They were both converted into one big in-law apartment back in 2001. If you look closer at the photographs, you will see some details about each room. For example, in the living room, the walls between the kitchenette and the main part of the house are all glass so you can see into both areas. The black and white tiles in the kitchen are also found in several other parts of the house including the bathrooms. The wood floors come only in walnut brown so they match the rest of the house perfectly.

What kind of apartment sits at the top of a building?

These are huge apartments located at the top of a skyscraper. They are often highly elegant and costly, and they frequently provide excellent vistas. Internal staircases link multi-story residences with stacked living space. The number of stories ranges from three to eight, depending on the building.

In North America, they are most common in large cities where they can be found in buildings as high as 100 m (330 ft). Although rarely used now, they were popular during the 1980s when urban sprawl was becoming more widespread.

They are also found in Asia, especially in Hong Kong where they are known as "apartments on top". In Japan, such apartments are called "kaido", which means "high up".

The word "apartment" is derived from the Latin apartmentium, which means "a place for storing goods". In modern usage, the term refers to an individual room or area of space within a building that is separate from other rooms but which may have a shared wall with them. There is usually a door connecting the rooms, and sometimes a window.

There are two main types of apartment: one with a private entrance, and one with a shared entrance.

An apartment with a private entrance is ideal for people who want some privacy.

Are there really apartments above Carnegie Hall?

However, there are currently just 33 inhabited apartments left (Astor's is the final triplex). The Carnegie Hall Corporation is in the process of gutting and remodeling the studios (the building is owned by the city, but the corporation is its primary tenant). When work is completed, the president of the corporation will be able to offer reduced rates to students who agree to practice for no more than 10 hours per week.

The top two floors are not used as living space and are instead given over to office space for the corporation. However, there are several celebrities who own apartments here; you may have heard their music played in the background when you watched an episode of "American Idol" or "So You Think You Can Dance"?

In addition to being a concert hall, Carnegie Hall has also been used for film and television productions. In 1950, the movie "Carnegie Hall" was filmed here. The studio spaces were also used for the TV shows "West Side Story" in 1961 and "Gypsy" in 1959-1960.

Currently, four apartments on the third floor are made available to musicians in need of a place to live while they are working on new projects. These apartments pay between $750 and $1,500 a month depending on the size of the room and the number of facilities included in the contract.

How many floors has LA City Hall got?

27. City Hall of Los Angeles (Floors) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

City Hall of Los Angeles is located at 200 North Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles. The current building was completed in 1998. Before that, it was known as Police Headquarters because that was where all the action was for the men in blue.

When it first opened its doors, City Hall had 69 rooms! That's right, 69! Today, there are only 27 rooms on three underground levels. But they were able to eliminate some spaces by combining them with other offices or by turning them into storage rooms.

The building was designed by architect John C. Austin and constructed by Parson & Lee Construction Company. It replaced an earlier city hall built in 1875-1877 on the same site. The old city hall was a Gothic Revival structure that used redwood as its primary material. It had over 70,000 board feet of timber on the property when it was destroyed by fire in 1895.

After the new building was completed in 1898, it was considered revolutionary for its time. There were no more than eight other office buildings in downtown Los Angeles at that time.

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