How long did it take to build the Sears Tower?

How long did it take to build the Sears Tower?

Fazlur Khan, the structural engineer, worked on the "bundled tube" design that managed both wind and gravity for three years. Ground was broken in August 1970 to commence construction. Sears Tower was completed in May 1973 after a three-year construction period. It took less than five months to construct the first Sears Tower, which was then the highest building in the world.

In October 2001, after the terrorist attack on America, a plan was announced to replace the tower with a new one that would be stronger and better able to withstand future attacks. The new 1,453-foot-high (442 m) skyscraper will contain the same number of floors as its predecessor but will be twice as thick at the core of the tower and weigh about two million more pounds (907,000 kg). Its completion is scheduled for 2014.

The Sears Tower is currently the second tallest building in Chicago behind the John Hancock Center. It has been listed on several lists of top buildings since its completion including being named the best building site in America's Heartland by USA Today in 2002.

It also holds the record for the fastest growing building material used in construction. The majority of the tower is made of reinforced concrete with some steel support beams and columns inside the building.

There are actually three different heights of the Sears Tower.

Who was the structural artist for the Sears Tower?

The Sears Tower's initial design and construction stages proceeded successfully. As the design progressed, Fazlur Khan was unable to devote his whole attention to the project since he was a partner at SOM. Instead, the project team consisted of six to eight people at any given time, with Hal Iyengar serving as team leader. When Khan died in November 1991 at the age of 58, his role on the project was assumed by his son Hashim.

The tower is Hashim Khan's last work. He continued to help out on projects that he could spare time for, but became increasingly busy with other responsibilities. He died in a car accident in May 1996 at the age of 45.

The Sears Tower is the first completed skyscraper by Hal Iyenger and his team at SOM. It is also one of the tallest buildings in Chicago and in the United States. The building was opened for business on February 14, 1973. At the time it was considered revolutionary because of its use of aluminum instead of steel for its frame which reduced the weight of the building by 17 percent while increasing its strength by 20 percent. The Tower has been called "the world's most recognizable architectural object" and "the Louvre of America."

It is currently the second-highest building in the US (after the Trump International Hotel & Casino New York City), and the highest outside of Asia. The spire on top of the building was removed in 1997 after suffering from severe weathering.

Has anyone fallen from the Sears Tower?

In two separate accidents in April 1973, five people died during the building of the Sears Tower, now known as the Willis Tower. On April 14, 1973, Jack De Klerk, 28, fell 35 feet after an iron cable pushed him off a platform on the 109th floor. On April 17, 1973, Darlene Judkins, 22, James Williams, 24, and William "Bill" Anderson, 26, all employees of the Chicago branch of Sears, Roebuck & Company, died when the elevator they were riding broke down between floors 95 and 96. The cause of the accident was never determined.

The first death at the construction site of the Sears Tower occurred on April 14, 1973, when 28-year-old Jack De Klerk fell 35 feet to his death while working on the ninth floor of the building. According to police reports at the time, Mr. De Klerk had been standing on a steel beam that served as a catwalk between two buildings being joined together. He apparently lost his balance and fell toward some metal cables lying on the ground below. There were no signs of foul play and an investigation by the Cook County medical examiner's office concluded that he had died of multiple injuries caused by the fall.

Four other people also died during the building of the Sears Tower.

Did the Willis Tower collapse?

Corrosion has ravaged the Sears Tower, leaving it as a hollowed-out, honey-combed husk 200 years after People: The building's 72 elevators, which all stop at various floors, are now smashing through the structure and weakening its floors as the wires that hold them together fail. The tower is believed to have been completed in 1990 but had not been occupied as of 2013.

In February 2011, a construction worker was killed when part of a wall collapsed on him. A few months later, another man died when he hit a window guardrail on his way down during a windstorm on the 86th floor. On August 3, 2013, a third person died when he fell from the building during heavy rain.

The death toll rises if one includes the number of people who have lost their lives due to accidents or violence related to the building. In 1994, a woman was killed when a fire broke out on the 63rd floor. In 1998, a man shot his wife to death on the 61st floor and then jumped to his death from the building. In 1999, two men were killed when they drove into a security barrier outside the building and then ran into another vehicle inside the parking lot. In 2008, an intruder entered a room on the 64th floor with a knife and attacked two women before being stopped by a hotel guest. He was taken away by police and later died.

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