How many stories is 800 feet?

How many stories is 800 feet?

A 100-story skyscraper can range in height from 800 feet (244 meters) to 1,400 feet (427 meters), or even more if each level has extremely high ceilings, although the average height for such constructions is around 1,200 feet (366 meters).

There are only a limited number of ways to divide up its volume, and so there are only a few possible arrangements for these floors. A building can have as many as 19 stories, but most buildings have between 12 and 14 floors. The Empire State Building in New York is one of the world's tallest structures at 1,454 feet (442 meters), and it has 24 floors.

The upper floors of a tall building offer views that are unobtainable on lower levels, but they are also more expensive. An apartment on the 50th floor of a tower block will typically cost far more than an equivalent property on the 9th floor.

In addition, living on the ground floor means that you will be able to walk to work, school, or the shops. People love being able to see who's coming and going, and it makes the neighborhood feel livelier. There's a reason most big cities have bustling main streets where you can find everything from pizza to Indian food within easy walking distance of each other.

The upper floors are also less crowded than the lower ones.

How tall is a 9-story building?

This is usually roughly 10 feet (3–3.1 m) in total. It can, however, vary. As a result, 7 storeys = 7*10 = 70 feet (21 metres approx.). What is the height of a 100-story structure in feet? You get the picture.

The world's tallest building, The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is actually only 8 floors below ground level. But it is considered to have 10 floors because it has a penthouse suite on each of its top floors.

In fact, there are buildings that are higher than The Burj Khalifa! The Shanghai Tower will be the highest building in China when it is completed. Its spire will be 441 feet (135 m) high.

But this isn't the only record that's being threatened. There are proposals to build even taller buildings than The Burj Khalifa. One such proposal was made by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in 2008. It called for a skyscraper with 110 floors and a height of 2 miles (3 km). That's almost as high as Everest! The closest thing we have now is The Shard in London, which is 90 stories tall.

And people keep on proposing even taller things! In 2013, a design for a tower called "The Guggenheim" was released into public domain.

How many floors is a 10-story building?

According to common Indian requirements, each level has a 10 ft floor to floor height. A 10-story structure would be around 100 feet tall. In general, the floor-to-floor height of a residential structure is 3 mtr. , or 10 ft. So it's around 100 feet for a 10-story skyscraper. There are 42 inches in a foot so the length of a floor is about 28 feet.

Now that you know how many floors is a 10-story building, try another question: "What is the distance from the ground to the first floor of a building?" You can use the answer to this question to find out how high a building is. The simplest way is to use our knowledge of floors and heights. The distance from the ground to the first floor is equal to the number of floors times the floor-to-floor height. So the distance from the ground to the first floor of a 10-story building is 10 x 3 mtr. = 30 mtrs.

A meter is 1/10 of a yard. So 30 mtrs is 300 cm. That's a pretty big space!

You can use the answer to this question to find out how wide a building is. The distance between the first and second floor is called the width of a floor.

How tall is 4 stories high?

A tale about a structure is typically 10 feet tall. So four floors would be 40 feet tall, or a little more than 12 meters in meters (specifically 12.192 meters). A four-story structure would be slightly taller than 1200 cm, or twelve-point-two meters.

The height of such a building will usually be referred to in terms of its number of stories: four stories means forty feet or twelve meters. A five-story building would be fifty feet tall, and so on.

It's important to understand that story means "a level portion of a building constructed with a horizontal division between each floor" in this case between each floor of the building. So a four-story building has four such levels, or floors. Each floor is ten feet tall or so. The fifth floor might have an additional partition between it and the sixth floor, but not all buildings are made up of multiple rooms called units or apartments as houses are often composed of one large room called a hall. A six-story building has six such levels or floors. It's also important to understand that a story can be part of another story too! For example, if a seven-story building had a single floor at the top that was fourteen feet tall, then it would have two stories above ground level and five below.

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