How much did it cost to build the Shard in London?

How much did it cost to build the Shard in London?

I bookmarked this article. It cost PS1.2 billion to build and towering above London's skyline. So, why are the majority of the 72 stories of the Shard, Europe's highest building, still empty? The article mentions that the opening of the building has been delayed several times, which could explain part of the problem.

Also, the building is owned by a Chinese company and there have been concerns about the quality of the construction. This article from the Guardian newspaper has more information.

Finally, here is another article from the BBC that also talks about the problems that the Shard has been experiencing since it opened its doors in 2012.

What can you say about the Shrd? It's huge! It's expensive... It's not working!

The Shard took 10 years to build and was opened in 2012 by Prince Charles. It is owned by China's State-owned commercial property developer, CCECCI (Shanghai) International Development Co Ltd. The main purpose of the building is to offer stunning views of London, but it is not attracting any major companies to rent out its offices.

Is the Shard the tallest building in Europe?

The Shard is the highest structure in the United Kingdom and the eighth tallest building in Europe, standing at 309.6 meters (1,016 ft). It is also the second-tallest free-standing building in the United Kingdom, after the Emley Moor transmitting station's concrete tower. The Shard was designed by British architect Renzo Piano who has also designed other skyscrapers such as the Pritzker Pavilion and the Lipton Building. Its construction began on June 7, 2010 and it was completed in January 2014.

The building is located on London Bridge Road near the South Bank of the River Thames across from Borough Market. It stands 29 stories high with a base diameter of 90 meters (295 feet).

It is owned by the Indian real estate company DLF Limited and was built as their flagship project. Before its completion, the previous record holder, the Eiffel Tower, had been owned by several companies over time. That fact makes the Shard the first truly unique skyscraper in Europe.

In addition to being a tourist attraction itself, the Shard contains luxury apartments, a hotel, a restaurant, a bar, a museum, and offices. The viewing gallery on the 32nd floor offers views that stretch for hundreds of miles, including across most of England and Wales.

The Shard has been criticized for its impact on the local community and environment.

Is the Shard the tallest building in the UK?

The Shard is the highest structure in the United Kingdom, standing at 309.6m at its tallest point. It is also one of the most expensive buildings in the world when it comes to cost per square foot ($1535/m²). The second-highest structure is Liverpool's World Trade Center at 305m tall.

The Shard is a skyscraper located in London, England. Construction on the £250 million (US$370 million) project began in 2012 and was completed in 2014. When it opened its doors for business, it was the first skyscraper to be built in Europe since the 1980s and is now the tallest building in the United Kingdom. Its top floor consists of a luxury hotel with 438 rooms.

The Shard has been called "a masterpiece" and "the greatest building of our time". It is owned by Chinese real estate company CREC Ltd., which hired architect Renzo Piano to design the building. The main structural engineer was Fazlur Khan of the University of Cambridge.

Why do we call this thing the Shard? As with many things in London, The Shard is not only its official name but also its nickname. The building is actually two separate structures connected by an open plaza and topped with a spire.

Is the Shard taller than the Eiffel Tower?

In comparison, the Eiffel Tower, which is not a structure, is 320m taller than the Shard, and its observation deck is likewise 31m (100 feet) higher than the Shard's at 276m....

What is the pointy building in London?

The Shard, also known as the Shard of Glass, Shard London Bridge, and originally London Bridge Tower, is a 72-story skyscraper in Southwark, London, created by Italian architect Renzo Piano as part of the Shard Quarter development. It opened on July 21, 2012, after being delayed for several years due to financial difficulties.

Its height makes it the tallest building in Europe, until October 2014 when the 22-storey European Sky Tower was completed. The Shard has been described as a "gigantic needle" and "a knife that slices through the sky".

It is owned by a consortium led by Indian investor RELX Limited, with American investors including George Lucas's company ILG LLC and Larry Ellison's investment firm Oracle Corporation participating as partners. The estimated cost of construction is £750 million ($1.2 billion).

The Shard's appearance has attracted criticism for its similarity to New York City's Freedom Tower following the September 11 attacks. However, the two buildings are entirely different in design and function. The Shard is a luxury hotel at present with no indication of what will become of the upper floors once they have been converted into apartments.

Why do people keep bringing up 9/11? The Shard isn't associated with any terrorist activity and there is no evidence that it would be used as such.

How tall is the shard in the Simpsons?

Another minor feature that stood out in "Lisa's Wedding" was a new addition to the London skyline: a large, triangular structure could be seen looming far in the distance beyond Big Ben. However, it had not yet been built in 1995. The 87-story structure is now known as The Shard, and it is the highest structure in the United Kingdom. It stands on the site of what was once the tallest building in Europe.

When it first opened its doors in 2012, The Shard was hailed as a technical triumph for Britain and has since become one of the most popular attractions in London. The viewing platform at the top offers breathtaking views of the city.

In "Homer's Night Out", when Homer goes to London to watch the UEFA Champions League final with the boys, the camera shows him walking past The Shard. He seems surprised by its existence.

The height of The Shard has attracted attention from fans and media alike because Lisa is often shown on television screens in London. In "Homer's Night Out", when she calls home during the final, she is visible outside The Shard looking up at it. This proves that The Shard is at least 87 feet high.

In "The Crepes of Wrath", when Springfield Elementary School plays London Heathrow Airport, The Shard is clearly visible in the background.

Is the Shard taller than Big Ben?

Compare the world with Big Ben-Size Explorer...

The Shard

At what height is the highest residence in the Shard?

The final levels house the UK's tallest public viewing galleries, which are 240 meters above street level. The stunning glass and steel spire forms its pinnacle, tapering down and vanishing into the sky at 95 floors (310m)—a particularly essential element for Piano given the building's prominence on the London skyline.

The viewing galleries have been highly acclaimed by critics and visitors alike for their innovative design and ability to bring viewers right into the heart of the tower. They offer perfect views across London without the hassle of queueing for tickets or climbing hundreds of stairs.

Visitors can enjoy the best seats in the house from floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the city. There are two separate galleries, one on each side of the tower, with different experiences for people of all ages. Youngsters will love the fun interactive features such as dancing lights and music boxes while adults will appreciate the more tranquil experience of watching the world go by on the upper deck.

The viewing galleries are the highest permanent structure in London and the most expensive per square meter rate in the world: £10,000 ($14,400) per square foot.

Shard developers The Durable Architecture Company say the goal was to create a landmark building worthy of its position next to Buckingham Palace. The gallery design was inspired by how birds navigate around obstacles using the wind; there are similar structures used by whales and bats.

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