How old is the oldest house in NZ?

How old is the oldest house in NZ?

The Kerikeri Mission House, New Zealand's oldest surviving structure, was erected in 1822 as part of the Kerikeri Mission Station by the Church Missionary Society. Kemp House is another name for it. It is located on the north side of the main street of Kerikeri.

The mission station was established by the British government to convert the indigenous Māori people to Christianity. The first missionaries arrived in 1792 and by 1822 there were 14 families living at the mission house waiting for more land to be cleared before they could go back to England. The last family left the station in 1842 when the government stopped funding the mission.

After this point, the station house fell into disrepair until it was bought in 1870 by William Thomas Kemp. He had it transported from London to its current location on his farm. This is where it has remained since then. It is now a museum devoted to the history of the mission district.

The mission district was important for the growth of New Zealand because it brought Europeans and Māori together in peace. Also, the church schools that were founded along with the mission station helped turn away from the traditional beliefs of the Māori people and into a Christian culture.

Which is the oldest building in New Zealand?

This panorama includes two of New Zealand's oldest European stone and timber structures: the Stone Store and the Kerikeri Mission House. The mansion was erected in 1822 for the Kerikeri mission of the Anglican Church Missionary Society. It initially housed Reverend John Butler and subsequently James Kemp, the mission storekeeper. After the death of its last occupant in 1933, the house was dismantled piece by piece and rebuilt in its present location on the other side of the bay.

The Stone Store was built at the same time as the Mission House but replaced an earlier structure. It too was used by the missionaries as a storehouse and also as a place to teach Māori people how to make nets from kumara (indigenous potatoes). The Stone Store remains intact today and is open for public visits. It is considered a historic monument by the government.

In addition to these buildings, there are several other old houses in Kerikeri that date back to the early missionary days. They include the Pritchard House, the Rev. J.C. Charnock House, and the Tahawhaa Estate. All of these places are registered with the Heritage New Zealand department and some have been restored by local volunteers and church groups over the years.

Kerikeri is located on the north island of New Zealand about 40 minutes by car or bus from Auckland.

Where is the oldest standing house in America?

The Fairbanks Home in Dedham, Massachusetts, was built in 1641 and is the oldest surviving timber-frame house in North America, according to dendrochronology tests. ... The Fairbanks House (Dedham, Massachusetts)

Significant dates
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Where is the oldest house in Massachusetts?

The oldest residence in Boston is the James Blake House, which was erected in 1661. It can be found at 735 Columbia Road. The Peak House in Medfield, Massachusetts, was constructed in 1651. It can be found at 113 Main Street.

The Thomas Hancock House is considered to be the first brick building in America. It was built in 1706 on Summer Street in Boston's Downtown Crossing neighborhood. Eight years later, it burned down. The builder started over again, this time using sturdier materials. The result was one of the first brick houses in America: four stories tall with a stone foundation. Today, this house belongs to Harvard University.

It wasn't until 1872 that Massachusetts became the first state to require new homes to be built with brick or stone foundations. This law was put into effect after a series of severe earthquakes damaged many existing buildings in the Bay State.

In conclusion, the James Blake House is the oldest residence in Massachusetts.

How old is the oldest building in America?

Dedham's Fairbanks House Fairbanks House was erected between 1637 and 1641 for craftsman Jonathan Fairbanks, his wife, and their six children. It is North America's oldest continually existing wooden house. The family name has been spelled various ways over time, but today is often printed as Fairbank or Fairbourn.

The house was built of wood brought from England by the Fairbanks family (then called "Humphrey" and "Margaret") and contains some of the earliest manufactured glass in America. The oldest surviving written description of the glass industry in America can be found on the title page of one of its catalogs: "A Catalogue of the Curiosities of Glass Made in London." This book was published in 1702 by John Radford.

There are three main rooms inside the house: a large central room with a stone fireplace where the family ate and slept; a smaller second room next to it that may have been used as a study; and a third small room at the back that may have been used as a maid's room or storage area.

Today, visitors can see the original house just as it would have looked around 1640, when it was first built. It is not open to the public but can be visited through an application to tour its living museum site.

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