How tall is the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio?

How tall is the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio?

The Christ the Redeemer monument, which stands 2,310 feet above Rio de Janeiro, has captivated specialists and historians for over a century. The statue was built between 1935 and 1941 to commemorate the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro's victory over Uruguay in 1894.

Its creator, Argentine-Brazilian artist Pedro Nelvig, wanted to express the hope that this would be a symbol for peace between Brazil and its neighboring country. In addition to being one of the highest statues in the world, the Christ the Redeemer monument also holds the record for the largest single bronze sculpture in the world.

The height of the statue was designed by Nelvig himself and is based on measurements taken by Italian engineers during a survey of sites in Latin America where monuments had been destroyed or were about to be constructed. They estimated that the required height of 2,310 feet could be achieved only by a figure standing on the top of a 70-story building.

In fact, when the statue was completed in 1941, it was nearly 80 feet taller than originally planned. This is because the engineers had underestimated the amount of metal needed to make the sculpture heavy enough to stay upright.

What is the tallest statue of Jesus?

Christ the Redeemer's statue The Christ the Redeemer monument was finished in 1931 and is 98 feet (30 meters) tall, with 92 feet of horizontally spread arms (28 metres). The monument has come to represent both the city of Rio de Janeiro and the whole country of Brazil. It is located on top of a hill in Rio de Janeiro.

Other statues of Jesus that are more than 70 feet high include: Jesus of Nazareth at Francis Lewis Church in New York City (68 feet 3 inches / 21 meters), and Jesus of Nazareth at Holy Cross Orthodox Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (67 feet 10 inches / 20 meters).

There are also several other statues of Jesus that are between 60 and 69 feet high including: Jesus of Nazareth at Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Chicago, Illinois (60 feet 6 inches / 18 meters), and Jesus of Nazareth at Church of the Gesu in New York City (59 feet 10 inches / 19 meters).

In addition, there is a statue of Jesus called "Immaculate Conception" that is 57 feet 11 inches (17 meters) high.

Finally, there is one other statue of Jesus that is less than 60 feet high but still very large compared to other images of Jesus: Jesus of Nazareth at Temple Beth Israel in Miami Beach, Florida (57 feet 5 inches / 17 meters).

Is Christ the Redeemer a memorial?

Christ the Redeemer, who stands with his arms wide and casts a vigilant eye over Rio de Janeiro from the 700m (2,296.6 ft.) tall Corcovado Mountain, is one of Brazil's most recognizable and photographed landmarks. The statue was created by Brazilian artist Henrique Mangabeira Ungar in 1931-33 and is one of the world's largest bronze sculptures.

First unveiled during Brazil's Depression when many people were suffering hardship, the statue has come to symbolize redemption for those who view it. It is believed that several souls are saved each day thanks to Christ the Redeemer's protective gaze.

The statue is a popular destination for tourists who want a photo with its famous outstretched arm. Although it is impossible to see anything from such a distance, many visitors say they feel comforted by the image of Christ the Redeemer watching over them.

It may be a memorial because it remembers those who died working on its construction. The statue is made of copper and weighs about 14,000 pounds (6,350 kg). It is ten meters (33 feet) high and has a diameter of three meters (10 feet).

Its location, on top of a mountain near where the city's poor lived, reminded them of their need for salvation and prompted them to travel to Rio de Janeiro to ask for help from God.

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