Is the main door facing east good?

Is the main door facing east good?

The east is the most advantageous direction, according to vaastu shastra. The East represents life since the sun rises from this direction. The sun provides light and vitality to the earth, which is why east-facing homes are preferred for all types of development. The primary gateway or gate in the east guarantees favorable outcomes. If you want your home to be at its happiest, make sure this portal is kept open.

You should also ensure that the other major doors of the house face west or south. These directions are associated with peace and quiet. Having these doors closed during important meetings or conversations will help keep disturbances out.

The north door should be left open if possible or it could bring in negative energy.

The south door should be left open if possible or it could bring in negative energy.

The west door should be left open if possible or it could bring in negative energy.

The center area around a tree, temple, shrine, or monument is considered sacred by many cultures. It is here that some people like to put up pictures or statues of their loved ones who have passed away. This area should be treated with care because it's strength is connected to the heart of the person devoted to it. If the center area is used inappropriately or neglected, it can lead to misfortune falling on the homeowner.

Which entrance is best for the house?

The main entrance to a home, according to Vastu Shastra, is not just the entry point for the family, but also for energy. The main door, which is regarded as the "archway to triumph and progress in life," should face north, east, or north-east. It should be wide enough for cars to enter easily, and it should have clear visibility from the street. The color of the door should be white, or any other light color that creates warmth and happiness inside the home.

A secondary entrance is useful if there is no access from the road to the main part of the house. This entrance can be through a side gate or a backyard door. These entrances should be indicated on architectural plans as well, so that they can be built with care and attention.

The direction of the main entrance determines many aspects of a house's design. For example: the location of doors and windows; the layout of rooms; and even the choice of exterior materials should reflect this entrance's direction. However, despite these implications, most architects do not consider the direction of the main entrance when designing houses.

The main purpose of a house is to provide shelter to its inhabitants. So, before you start designing, you need to ask yourself whether this entrance will help or hinder your goal. If you answer "yes" to this question, then the direction of the main entrance should take this into account.

Are east-facing houses good?

East-facing property Vastu East-facing sites are seen to be beneficial for structures and multi-story flats, according to Vastu Shastra rules. The sun's energy is most direct at the eastern horizon, so if you can take advantage of this high-energy position it will help your house or building stay cool during hot summers and not require air conditioning.

The reason why East-facing properties are recommended in Vastu Shastra is because they avoid the risk of earthquakes. Eastern parts of our planet are where many large earthquakes occur, but they are rarely felt in the west. The reason behind this is that the axis of rotation of Earth is at the eastern part, which means that most of the energy is stored here and cannot reach farther west. Thus avoiding these areas would prevent any damage from earthquake activity.

Is the north-west facing main door good?

The door facing north-west isn't too horrible. It can bring in health, riches, and success if backed by other vastu laws. The number of doors and windows in the house should be even. Doors facing east, north, or north-east are considered good doors. They can bring prosperity to their owners.

A house with all bad doors is considered invalid. Such a house will not be successful in bringing wealth to its owner. He/she will remain poor.

It is important to note that the main entrance should never have any evil influence due to which the family loses its ancestral property. For example, a shop at the ground floor of a building is considered illegal as it affects the value of the adjacent property. The solution is simple: move the shop or install some special equipment so it does not affect the original appearance of the building.

Similarly, an office for rent at the first floor of a residential building is also considered illegal as it reduces the value of other apartments. The solution is similar to the previous case: move the office or replace it with another suitable office space.

Finally, a factory or storage room on the first floor of a house is also considered illegal as it reduces the value of other properties. The solution is simple: find another place for this facility so it doesn't affect the original appearance of the building.

These are just few examples.

How do I know the direction of my home's entrance?

The main entrance should face north, east, or north-east, according to Vastu Shastra. However, here are some other scenarios: If you wish to build/install an entry door in the north wall, make sure it is in the north-east area of the north wall. Otherwise, the door will be facing inward.

If there is no north wall, then the main entrance should still face north. The doorway should be as wide as the house, and it should be high enough for a person to enter or exit without touching the ground. There should be no obstacles inside the entrance way (such as a table or chair) that would prevent someone from entering or exiting the house easily.

In addition to the main entrance, there may be secondary entrances. These additional doors can be found on the eastern and northern sides of the house. They are usually small openings, about half the size of the main entrance. Secondary entrances are useful if you want to provide easy access into the house for guests or service animals. However, they should not be placed directly opposite each other because this creates a barrier between the two areas. Instead, place them at opposite ends of the house.

It is important to note that both the main and secondary entrances should have clear views of the outside world. This means that any obstructions such as trees or buildings should not be located immediately next to these opening types.

Why is a west-facing house not good?

Many people's third option is a west-facing home due to the "false" assumption that west-facing houses are harmful according to "Vastu Shastra." This is not true, because a west-facing property can be as fortunate as a north-facing or east-facing one if certain Vastu guidelines are followed. The main thing is that it should not have its major axis facing west.

Vastu recommends that buildings should not face west because that is the direction of destruction (for example, clouds pass in front of the sun and cause rain). Therefore, buildings should always face some other direction for protection from harm. Also, doors and windows should all be placed to allow for an escape route in case of fire or other disasters.

A west-facing house is considered bad because it means that part of the property is neglected. People will usually put their homes on the edge of their properties so they have more space. If a house is on the edge of its property then it shows that the owner does not care about the area behind the house. This means that the family who lives there may be untrustworthy or unreliable.

Also, rooms on the west side of the house are believed to be the most vulnerable to damage from natural disasters like floods or earthquakes. Therefore, it is recommended that these rooms be used for storage only.

A west-facing house needs special attention during construction.

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