Is the Waltons' house still standing?

Is the Waltons' house still standing?

The show ran from 1971 until 1981 and was nominated for an Emmy in 1974. The original home that served as the backdrop for Hamner's upbringing was erected in the early twentieth century in the Nelson County community of Schuyler, where it still exists today. The two-story house, with its distinctive gabled roof, is on a third-acre property. After the series ended, the family moved to California where they continued to have trouble with their bank until they sold the house in 1990 for $750,000.

People often wonder if the house remains standing today. Yes, it does. The family left it after they went into bankruptcy and eventually sold their home in California. The new owners have not changed anything about the house except to add some siding and a new roof.

Here's how it happened...

In 1970, the Waltons were one of the top 10 most popular shows on television. But when cancer claims Walter's wife, Louise, after just three seasons, people begin to question whether the story will have a happy ending. Without Louise to keep him grounded, young Walter starts to have problems keeping track of time and begins to spend all his money on expensive toys. When his father dies, young Walter decides to get rid of everything he has bought, including his beloved toy tractor. Just before he sells it, however, his father comes back to life.

After this incident, the Waltons leave town because they are afraid someone will kill them too.

Are the Waltons a real family?

... is the little village of Schulyer, Virginia, home of the Hamner family, the real-life inspiration for the Waltons. The two-story Hamner family mansion still exists in the alpine village of Schuyler, which has a population of roughly 400 people. It is open for tours during certain hours each day.

The Waltons are a family of five living in rural Virginia in the early 20th century. They have four children that we follow through several seasons of television episodes.

The family story begins with Walter "Wal" Walton (played by Peter Boyle) who owns a small grocery store in West Virginia. One day after being fired by his aggressive boss Mr. Reynolds, Walter steals some money from the store to buy a car so he can find work elsewhere. On his way back home after leaving the bank where he had hidden the cash, he gets hit by a truck and killed.

After Walter's death, his wife Ruth (played by Elizabeth Taylor) continues to live in their small house with their four children: John Michael (played by Scott Wilson), Mary Ellen (played by Kim Darby), Elizabeth ("Libbie") Jane (played by Geena Davis), and William ("Will") Henry (played by Kieren Craig). She also takes in an orphaned girl named Jenny.

Is the story of the Waltons true?

On September 14, 1972, "The Waltons," based on Hamner's life and family in rural Virginia during the Great Depression, aired. During its nine-year run on CBS, the show won two Golden Globes and an Emmy for "Outstanding Drama Series." In 1978, it was made into a feature film that also received an Academy Award nomination.

Yes, the story of the Waltons is true. It is also true that there are many other stories about the family business that we can all learn from. Walmart continues to grow today with millions of dollars in donations each year. The company also has a strong record of hiring former employees back into management positions.

They did not always make the right choices, but they tried hard and they cared about their customers. That is why they became so popular - because the ordinary people could relate to them. The story of the Waltons is a story about courage, faith, responsibility, and most of all, love.

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