What do you call the covering over the front door?

What do you call the covering over the front door?

According to Conservation Wiki, a portico is a sort of porch or roof with rows of regularly spaced tall columns that are used to support the construction. Most people think of a portico as an awning or overhang with lofty columns. But many other kinds of structures can be called portsicos, such as those made of tiles or stone.

The word comes from Latin porticus - meaning "doorway" or "hallway" - and originally referred to the area outside a temple's cella where priests would burn incense. The word was adopted into English in the 14th century to refer to any covered walk or arcade.

In North America, the term portico is often used to describe a large entrance hall with columns supporting a flat roof. This usage of the word is related to its use in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, where it refers to an entrance hall with columns.

In Europe, the same words are used for different types of structures: the Italian word portico refers both to an entrance hall with columns and to a covered balcony, while the French word porche means either an entrance hall with columns or a type of balcony with rails on which to hang clothes.

So, a portico is an entry way with columns. In American English, it is also used to describe a large entrance hall with columns.

What do you call a covered entrance to a building?

Noun, a porch or entryway to a structure consisting of a covered and frequently columned space. Also called proctor's room.

What is the covered entrance to a house called?

Portico definitions A porch or entry to a structure with a covered and frequently columned section. Narthex is a kind. Of portico. Portico also may be used as a general term for any covered entryway, such as those to houses or public buildings.

When you get to the hospital after an accident, they'll tell you what facility you were in. If it's a private facility, then you went into the emergency room. If it's a public hospital, then you went through the emergency department. Either way, you ended up at a portico!

Porticoes are often used in Mediterranean architecture, especially in Italy. They provide an enclosed, air-conditioned space where people can wait before being seen by doctors or nurses. In many cases, these waiting areas are on the first floor or ground level of the hospital building. Patients go down stairs to reach them.

In North America, the word portico is used to describe a similar covered entryway, but instead of being attached to a hospital or other public building, it is located inside a house. A portico provides access to verandas, patios, or balconies.

What do you call a roof over a front door?

A portico is a roof that extends over your front entrance, perhaps increasing curb appeal. It shields your front entrance from inclement weather, keeps you dry when you're looking for your keys in the rain, and may even add curb appeal. A portico can be as simple as a gable or pedimented roof with open arches, or it can be a more elaborate structure with columns and entablatures.

The word "portico" comes from Latin words meaning "an extension at the end of a building." In ancient Rome, patios were used for social gatherings while porticos were used for public buildings. Over time, these two structures became synonymous. So, a portico is really an extended patio or balcony that's been covered by a roof.

People often wonder which came first, the house or the portico. The answer is both evolved from ancient Roman structures called "insulae," which means "little islands." These were small apartment buildings that were built right up to the walls of the city, sometimes even under it. They were accessible through small openings between the buildings and their foundations were made of packed earth or stone.

Inscriptions on some Roman ruins show that people lived here in the 1st century AD.

What is the roof over a door called?

Portico: A covered porch or arcade attached to a building or structure.

Dome: A circular, egg-shaped, or other shape used as a covering on top of a structure.

Concave: Having the form of a shallow dish or cup. Convex: Sticking up like a dome.

The terms "concave" and "convex" describe the surface of a roof. If you look at a roof from the side, you will see that there are areas where the roof dips down (concave), and then rises up again (convex). These areas can be smooth or have small bumps sprinkled across them.

Roofs are either flat or sloped. A flat roof is easy to clean but doesn't provide much protection from the elements. Sloped roofs are more weather resistant but also more difficult to maintain. As water flows off of it into the gutter, it is removed from under the house.

A steeply sloped roof is called a gable roof. It's main purpose is to shed rain.

What do you call the area outside the front door?

A foyer is a more general phrase for the region right outside a house's front door. Similarly, how do you refer to a covered entrance? The term is portico, which is defined as "a porch or entryway to a structure consisting of a covered and frequently columned space" according to WordWeb.

The word hall is used to describe an entrance that leads into a large public space or corridor, such as a shopping mall or university campus. The word portal describes a doorway through which one enters a room, building, or other enclosed space. A threshold is the surface across which people enter and leave your home.

The path between two points (for example, two buildings) may be called a street, avenue, lane, or walk. If there is a sidewalk on one or both sides of the path, then it is called a plaza, park, or yard. If there are no buildings on each side of the path but rather only grass or another type of ground cover, then it is called a lawn.

The region in which a house is located can be referred to as its setting. The word fen refers to either of two types of land that were common in England before the arrival of the Romans: flat farmland protected by dikes or floodable meadows used for grazing livestock. The word park refers to a region set aside for leisure activities.

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