What is a parliament building?

What is a parliament building?

The Canadian Parliament is housed at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (the Senate and House of Commons). The Parliament Buildings, the seat of Canada's federal government, are magnificent and aesthetically appealing buildings set on a peninsula overlooking the Ottawa River. They were designed by English architect Sir John William Deane with help from Irish-Canadian architect Thomas Hastings.

The current Parliament Buildings were constructed between 1824 and 1930. They include offices for members of the House of Commons and the Senate as well as committee rooms, a museum, a library, and a series of halls used for ceremonies and public events.

In addition to serving as the meeting place for both chambers of the Canadian Parliament, the grounds also contain many other important buildings including the Supreme Court of Canada, the Old Treasury Building, and the National War Memorial.

The current Parliament Buildings replaced an earlier structure known as the Parliament Gardens which was built between 1792 and 1806. This first legislative building was a two-storey wooden structure with walls three feet thick. It was destroyed by fire in 1816.

The current Parliament Buildings were designed by British architect Sir John William Deane with help from Irish-Canadian architect Thomas Hastings. The exterior is composed of limestone from Quebec while the interior is decorated using marble obtained from throughout the world.

What are the Canadian Parliament buildings called?

The Gothic Revival-style structures were officially inaugurated on June 6, 1866, nearly a year before Canada's Confederation. The buildings have undergone several renovations since then.

The legislative branch of the government, the Senate, sits inside the Red Chamber while the House of Commons meets in the Blue Room. Each chamber has its own unique features; the Senate's building is larger than that of the House of Commons. A tour of both chambers is offered daily at 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m.

In addition to their official names, people also call them the Old Senate Building, the Old House of Commons, and simply the Parliament Buildings.

The current Speaker of the Senate is the Hon. Noel Kinsella. He was elected to the position on October 27, 2015, upon the retirement of the previous speaker, the late Senator Pierre Claude Nolin. Before his election as speaker, Mr. Kinsella had been a senator for over 25 years, having been first elected to the upper house in 1997. He currently serves as chairman of the Standing Committee on Rules, Order of Business, and Administration.

Where are the parliament buildings located in Canada?

The Canadian Parliament buildings are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The hill in Ottawa is the subject of this article. See Parliament Hill for further information (disambiguation). The phrase "Colline du Parlement" redirects here. See also Parliament Hill in Quebec City (Quebec City). The Parliamentary Buildings. Located on Wellington Street just north of Sussex Drive is the office building that serves as the home of the Speaker of the House of Commons. It is a modern structure with limestone walls and a copper-tiled roof. A statue of King George VI stands in front. The House of Commons meets in this building, as do most committees and groups. The Senate chamber is next door.

The parliamentary buildings were designed by Alfred J. Smith, architect of the United States Capitol. They were built between 1911 and 1935. The site was formerly part of the grounds of the National Capital Commission (NCC), which was created by an act of Parliament in 1966 to develop the area now known as the National Capital Region. The NCC was abolished by an act of Parliament in 1996, but its functions were transferred to another agency, the Government of Canada Agency (GCAA).

In addition to being the home of the Parliament of Canada, the buildings serve as a museum, library, and gallery space. They feature many original furnishings, including gilt-bronze doors, marble fireplaces, and stained glass windows.

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