What is the oldest house in St. Louis, Missouri?

What is the oldest house in St. Louis, Missouri?

Casa Alvarez, 289 Rue St. Louis, 1790. It is frequently referred to as the oldest residence in St. Louis County. However, it is not the first building to be constructed on this site; a log cabin was built here before the present house was completed in 1790.

Where is the oldest house in New Mexico?

This building, located at 215 East De Vargas Street in Santa Fe, was built in 1646 and is one of the oldest residences in the United States. This edifice, located in the ancient Analco Barrio, practically across the street from the San Miguel Chapel, housed a cross-section of Santa Fe society, ranging from Mexican Indians...

The building is a two-story structure with a stone foundation and wood framing sheathed in adobe. The roof is made of thick layers of clay and grass that have been covered in sod. There are four rooms on the first floor and three on the second. The dimensions of these rooms have not been determined with certainty but they are believed to be about 14 feet long by 10 feet wide.

It is known that some changes were made to the house after it was first built. In 1706, for example, the front door was enlarged and redone in wood with glass panels. Also, there is evidence that parts of the roof were replaced during this time period.

In 1854, after the creation of the Territory of New Mexico, the house was given as a wedding present to Judge Thomas L. McKennan and his wife Mary Ann Smith McKennan by their daughter Elizabeth Jane McKennan Wharton. The McKennans were prominent citizens of Santa Fe who had moved to the area before the arrival of the Spanish. They helped establish Albuquerque as an important trading post and served as judges.

Where was the first house in St. Louis built?

Most people believe that the original section of the house was built for Eugenio Alvarez, who moved to St. Ferdinand (now Florissant) around 1770 and worked as a military storekeeper for Captain Pedro Piernas, the first Spanish Governor of the Upper Louisiana Territory. 1. However, certain archival material calls this story into question. According to the documents, Alvarez came to St. Louis with his wife, Maria Martinez, who was born in New Spain (present-day Mexico). The couple had four children together - three boys and one girl. The family was given land by Piernas to settle in what is now south St. Louis.

Alvarez's granddaughter, Elizabeth Richey, wrote about her family's history in a book called "The First Family of St. Louis":

"My ancestor, Eugenio Alvarez was granted land on the Mississippi River by the Spanish government near present-day Florissant. He settled here with his wife, Maria Martinez, and their four children: Antonio, Jose, Mariano and Lucina. The family was very poor, but managed to live happily together until 1793 when the British invaded St. Louis. They arrested my great-great-grandfather, took him to London and there executed him. This terrible misfortune caused much sorrow throughout the colony."

After hearing this news, the rest of the family left St. Louis and went to live with relatives in Arkansas, where they eventually started new lives.

How old are some of the buildings in St. Augustine, Florida?

A list of Florida's oldest structures

BuildingLocationFirst Built
Castillo de San MarcosSt. Augustine1695
Oldest Wooden SchoolhouseSt. Augustine1702-1716
Gonzalez-Alvarez HouseSt. Augustinec.1723
Fort MatanzasSt. Augustine area1742

What is the oldest building in Columbia, South Carolina?

House and Garden of Seibels The Seibels Residence, which dates from 1796 and is frequently cited in 19th- and 20th-century travelogues for its architecture and lovely grounds, is thought to be Columbia's oldest existing house. It was built as a wedding present for John and Margaret Seibels. The couple had met while studying medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and were married on December 31, 1796, at Christ Church Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina. After marrying, they returned home to build their house on land that Mrs. Seibels' family had been living on since before the Revolutionary War.

They were just two out of many young Penn graduates who came to South Carolina looking for better opportunities than could be found in Pennsylvania. Many of them became prominent citizens of the new town and contributed greatly to its development. In addition to Dr. John Seibels, others included his brother William Seibels and Thomas Sumter, both of whom served in the South Carolina House of Representatives. The latter went on to become one of the most famous generals in the American Revolution.

The house has been preserved exactly as it was when the Seibels died in 1816. There are several rooms with original furniture including a large dining room where many important events took place during the early days of Columbia.

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