What makes a DeWalt hand tool so good?

What makes a DeWalt hand tool so good?

DEWALT (r) hand tools are built to endure the harshest worksite conditions and give the same level of performance as our power tools. With over 70 years of experience making quality tools, it's no surprise that DEWALT is the leader in the market for hand tools.

DEWALT produces some of the most popular cordless power tools on the market today. In fact, our power tools are so popular that more than half of all contractors use a DEWALT power tool every day during their workday. We also manufacture an extensive line of circular saws, jigsaws, angle grinders, and impact drivers for the trade market.

Over the years, our commitment to quality has been recognized with multiple awards from various organizations. For example, in 2010, 2011, and 2012, DEWALT won the award for Best Overall Consumer Product at the International Tool Awards. These awards recognize products that are not only effective and durable but also affordable to the consumer market.

In addition to manufacturing quality tools, DEWALT also leads the industry in developing innovative technologies. Some of our most popular products are driven by these innovations including: cordless technology, anti-vibration systems, and ergonomic design.

Are Dewalt tools made in China?

DeWalt is a leading manufacturer of power tools, hand tools, and accessories across the world. The following nations produce their tools: the United States, Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic. However, the majority of their products are made in China.

In 2001, DeWalt began to build its manufacturing facility in Suzhou Industrial Park. Currently, it occupies 40 acres and employs 4500 people. Soon after opening, it started producing equipment for the international market. Before entering the Chinese market, they first tested the waters by exporting some equipment to other countries. This allowed them to learn what types of modifications would be necessary before releasing their products in China. For example, the clutch on some of their saws needed to be slightly modified before sale.

They currently manufacture over 200 products for the international market and about 35 products for the Chinese market.

All of DeWalt's products are built to high standards of quality and performance. In addition, they offer a wide variety of tools for every type of job. Even though most of their products are made in China, this does not mean that they sell only in China. They also sell into many other countries including Australia, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, and Thailand.

DeWalt is known for making affordable but high-quality tools.

Who is the manufacturer of DeWalt power tools?

DeWalt is an American corporation that manufactures power tools for the construction, manufacturing, and woodworking sectors. The Stanley Black & Decker company really owns the DeWalt brand. However, both companies have been known to share technology when it makes sense for their business.

They are based in Clinton Township, Michigan, near Detroit. The company was founded in 1916 by Arthur W. Dewalt to manufacture electric motors. He also bought out several other motor manufacturers before establishing DeWalt as we know it today. In 1960, Stanley Black & Decker acquired DeWalt. Since then, they have continued to develop new products that fit into existing categories but also add features such as cordless operation or mobile phone charging cables.

The current president of DeWalt is Eric Jantz. He took over from Dennis Bakish who retired in April 2014 after 30 years with the company. Before joining DeWalt, Mr. Jantz worked at Black & Decker for 14 years where he held various positions from engineering to management.

In terms of revenue, DeWalt is still a small company. In 2001, they sold about $75 million worth of equipment. This increased to almost $200 million in 2011. They still represent less than 1% of the overall power tool market.

Are Dewalt Mechanics' Tools Made in the USA?

Products to Consider Made in the United States of America from International Materials DEWALT was formed in America and is currently headquartered there. Because we believe it is crucial to make things where they will be used, our GUARANTEED TOUGH (r) hand tools are made by American hands. Our power tools are also made in America, but mostly in China. While this may seem like a negative thing, it's really not when you consider how much cheaper these products are when they're made here in the U.S. Then again, maybe you don't need to buy brand-name equipment if you can't find any quality used tools.

Dewalt has been making reliable, efficient power tools for over 70 years. From its beginning as a tool company that sold only accessories to stay afloat while it developed its own motors, Dewalt has been driven solely by its vision to become the leading manufacturer of power tools in the world. This goal has never changed, even after it acquired other tool companies over the years. Today, Dewalt sells both corded and cordless power tools under several different brands, including Black & Decker, Hitachi, JET, Kobelco, Ryobi, Stanley and Vax.

Dewalt products are widely regarded as some of the best on the market today. They come with strong warranties and are designed to last for many years if treated properly. All in all, they're a great choice for the money.

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