What was built in 1170?

What was built in 1170?

Pisa, Italy, 1170-San Nicola Bell Tower The Tournai Cathedral in Hainaut, Belgium, is consecrated in 1171. Under William of Sens, the construction of Canterbury Cathedral begins in 1171. Pont d'Avignon construction begins in 1171. Saint Denis church in Paris is completed in 1173.

The first modern skyscraper, a trading firm called The Pinnacle, is built in Leeds, England. It is 105 feet (32 m) high and has offices up to 30 stories tall.

The first medieval clock tower in Europe is built in Venice. It is 3 stories tall with an attic room where the time was displayed by a wooden dial painted with images of saints. There were also musical clocks that played tunes as bells chimed.

The first electric light bulb is invented by Thomas Edison. He tests it in 1879 and starts selling them in 1882.

The first radio station broadcasts music performances from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. The idea for the radio station comes from Edward R. Murrow who wants to broadcast news reports from Europe during World War II.

For the first time, a million people watch a television show at the same time. They are watching a performance by Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show.

When and why was Notre-Dame built?

The cathedral's construction began in 1163 under Bishop Maurice de Sully and was nearly finished by 1260, though it was constantly renovated throughout the next decades. During the French Revolution in the 1790s, Notre-Dame was desecrated, and much of its religious iconography was damaged or destroyed. In 1844, fire again ravaged the church, this time causing significant damage to the roof and spire.

Notre-Dame du Paris was built over a period of almost two hundred years by twelve different architects. The first three years of building were overseen by King Louis VII (1113–37), who had been granted permission by God to build a new church after suffering several natural disasters.

The original plan called for a simple basilica with four aisles and no dome, but during construction King Louis VIII (1181–99) added a fifth aisle and a lower central tower, making it more like a traditional European church. After his death, work on the main altar stopped because there wasn't enough money left in the treasury. It wasn't until many years later that more funds became available and the altar was completed in 1264.

In 1317, during the Hundred Years' War, British and French soldiers attacked and burned part of Paris, including the church. The next day they agreed to bury their weapons outside the city walls so that they could keep fighting.

When was Haworth built?

The first was Haworth Chapel, which was established in the 14th century, approximately 1317. In 1488, a new chapel was erected, but only remains of this medieval structure remain. The current church was built between 1847 and 1851 by John Douglas.

Haworth is an old market town in West Yorkshire, England, about 8 miles (13 km) north-west of Leeds city centre. It is known for its fine silk industry which dates back to 1550 when William Lee opened the first factory here. Today, there are still nine factories operating in the town producing clothing and other products. The population of Haworth at the 2011 census was 33,924.

Haworth is well known for its Christmas lights display, which has been called one of the best in the world. The display, which runs for around two months from November 1st to January 6th, features more than 10,000 bulbs creating pictures based on music notes. It is designed and installed by the same family company each year and has become one of the main events of the town's calendar.

There are several reasons why the display is so famous and it's probably because of its size, complexity, and beauty. The display itself consists of more than 10,000 bulbs of 40 different colors connected to more than 200 speakers playing music from around the world.

When was the Savoy in London built?

1886 The Savoy Hotel's construction has begun. It is designed by architect Henry Isaac Stevens with interior design by Charles Frederick Phipps. The hotel opens on 3 November 1886.

The Savoy Hotel was one of the most luxurious hotels in London and is now a museum that traces its history from its opening in 1886 to present day. Today, it is known for its fine dining restaurant, but it also offers a variety of tasting menus at other prices. The hotel can accommodate up to 800 guests in its luxury rooms which include designs by Marcel Breuer and Paul McCobb. There are also more affordable guest rooms available. The hotel has been listed as a historic building by English Heritage and is considered to be one of the finest examples of Victorian architecture in London.

What kind of church was the 12th century built on?

The 12th-century Basilica is built on top of a 4th-century church, which was built on top of a 1st-century pagan temple—all three of which are open to the public today. Its history demonstrates that Rome was created layer upon layer; the difference between the ground level in the first century and the ground level now is about 60 feet!

The original basilica had five aisles and 30 columns. It was here that bishops from all over Europe came to be ordained as priests of the Catholic Church. In 1072 a fire destroyed much of the building, including the original nave. The current structure you see today is the work of several architects who rebuilt it following the fire. The main entrance is through a beautiful 16th-century door designed by Giacomo della Porta.

Inside, you'll find many ornate decorations dating from this time period. There are also some nice stone carvings near the entrance depicting events from Christ's life. Don't miss seeing these sights while you're in Ravenna!

Also inside the cathedral is the tomb of St. Erkenwald. This is where Christians buried their leaders until the 11th century when bodies were moved to monasteries for safekeeping. After the bodies were removed from the tomb in 1538 by Italian Catholics who wanted to hide them from Protestants who took control of England at the time, they were burned at the stake as punishment for their beliefs.

What famous structure was built during the Renaissance?

Vatican City's St. Peter's Basilica (Photo by Didier Moise/CC). St. Peter's Basilica, designed by Alberti, Raphael, Bramante, Michelangelo, and Bernini, was possibly the most famous achievement of Renaissance architecture. The basilica is the largest church in the world by far and contains many beautiful sculptures.

It has been said that if you visited only one church in Rome during your stay, it should be this one. The reason is simple: there are so many beautiful details inside and outside the church that it would be impossible to see them all. Inside the basilica, you will find a huge nave with aisles and chapels, grand marble columns, and magnificent paintings. The exterior is even more impressive; it features a large square surrounded by 57 smaller squares called "bays". These bays were added over the years as more money became available for new projects. Each bay contains a different sculpture by various artists; some of them are very famous, such as Michelangelo's Brutus and Moses. Jesus is represented on the main altar between Saint Paul and Saint Peter. All around the outside of the building are statues of other people such as poets, philosophers, and scientists. There are also several windows throughout the basilica where light enters the building.

In conclusion, St. Peter's Basilica is the most important church in Rome and one of the most important churches in the world.

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