When did the idea of an apartment come about?

When did the idea of an apartment come about?

The contemporary huge apartment building evolved in the early twentieth century, with the addition of elevators, central heating, and other amenities that residents could enjoy. The development of the automobile led to the need for large parking facilities, which in turn prompted the architects to create structures with many floors above ground level.

These new apartment buildings were different from houses in several important ways. First of all, they were usually intended for living purposes only part of the year. Second, they often had larger floor plans than homes (20 feet by 40 feet or more vs. 10-15 feet). And finally, they tended to be much more dense than houses - often including up to six stories or more!

In New York City, where apartments are used as rental units rather than as personal dwellings, there are approximately 5 million people living in over 1 million units. That's one person per square foot! By comparison, in London there are roughly 4 million people in a population of about 8 million people, which means there are just under 10 people per square foot.

So apartments are big business, and they're also very dense. It's no wonder then that some people may feel uncomfortable living in them. But do not worry - these are exactly the types of conditions that modern architecture was created to handle.

When did people start building apartments?

Unlike these "apartments," which were just personal rooms within larger homes, the apartment house as we know it today first developed in Paris and other major European cities in the 18th century, when tall blocks of flats for middle-class renters began to arise. In America, the idea took a little longer to catch on; although Philadelphia had apartment houses before Paris, they were not considered fashionable or upscale.

The first apartment buildings in New York City were designed by Henry Hardenbergh and built in 1793. These nine-story brick structures had small windows and doorways, no internal staircases, and were intended only for rental by foreigners who wanted to live in peace and quiet from all the noise and dirt of city life. The buildings were very successful and more followed their lead. By 1825, there were more than 200 apartment houses in Manhattan alone.

In Chicago, the first apartment building was erected in 1869. It was called the Lake View Apartment Hotel and it had 80 rooms available for rent. This makes it one of the largest apartment buildings in the country at the time. By 1890, Chicago had more than 50,000 people living in apartment buildings, most of them rented rooms. There were so many problems with this system that the Illinois legislature passed a law requiring landlords to provide heat, water, and toilets in their apartments.

Is an apartment considered a unit?

Apartments, or units as they're commonly known, typically share walls with other flats. Apartment buildings can be enormous or tiny, but the main distinguishing feature is that they include a number of apartments. In contrast to a house, an apartment is part of a community of houses, perhaps on many floors. The people who live in these apartments are called tenants.

An apartment can be anything from a single room to an entire floor of a building. In fact, there are some small towns where the only way to go up in elevation is by going into apartment buildings. In large cities, apartments are often found in multi-story buildings, although there are also single-story apartments in markets with younger populations who may not need as much space.

In North America, most apartments were originally built as rental properties, so they usually have less expensive door locks and smaller windows than attached homes. However, this is changing as landlords are becoming more aware of how important it is to attract new residents by making their communities feel like home. As a result, newer apartments are now including luxury features such as glass doors and stainless steel appliances.

In Europe, most apartments are owned by their builders who then rent them out. This allows for larger windows and doors which let in more light and give residents a view of the outdoors. Also, landlords tend to keep property values high by taking care of their buildings.

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