Where is Van Cortlandt Manor in New York City?

Where is Van Cortlandt Manor in New York City?

On November 5, 1961, The Van Cortlandt Manor is a 17th century mansion and property established by the van Cortland family in the village of Croton-on-Hudson in Westchester County, New York, United States. The manor house was built between 1699 and 1721 to a design by architect Peter Harrison (1666–1736). It is a three-story brick building with a slate roof in the Georgian style.

The manor house is now used as a museum and conference center. It is located at 15 Museum Drive in Croton-on-Hudson, New York.

Van Cortlandt Manor is one of several historic houses and estates that make up the Croton River Park Historic District. The district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

It is also within walking distance of two other historic homes in the area: The Drinker Mansion and The Lawrenceville School. Both are part of the National Register of Historic Places.

The district is centered on the confluence of the Croton River and Rockland Lake and includes over 100 acres of land. It was originally part of a 600-acre farm owned by Samuel Wyllys who sold it to Colonel John Van Cortlandt in 1693.

In what county is Cortlandt Manor?

Westchester County, Cortlandt Manor/Counties

Cortlandt, New York Welcome! Cortlandt, New York is situated in the northwest part of Westchester County. Cortlandt has a population of almost 40,000 people and consists of two incorporated villages, Buchanan and Croton-on-Hudson, as well as various hamlets, including Montrose, Crugers, and Verplanck.

When did Van Cortlandt House become a park?

Park Van Cortlandt. The family property was sold to the City of New York in 1888 and turned into a public park. The Van Cortlandt House, subsequently declared a historic landmark, was transformed into a public museum, and additional trails were built across the grounds to make it more accessible.

Is Cortlandt Manor a nice place to live?

Cortlandt is located in Westchester County and is considered to be one of the nicest locations to live in New York. Living in Cortlandt provides inhabitants with a minimal suburban vibe, and the majority of homeowners own their houses. Cortlandt is a family-oriented community with moderate political beliefs. Cortlandt's public schools are well regarded. In addition to having some of the best schools in Westchester, students also have access to excellent programs through private schools.

Houses in Cortlandt are generally large, with spacious lawns and garage spaces. Most homes were built between 1960 and 1990 and range in price from $300,000 to $1 million+. There are also some smaller fixer-uppers available for sale under $150,000. The population of Cortlandt is around 16,000 people.

Cortlandt Manor is a great place to live if you're looking for a quiet community with plenty of space for your family to play. It's not far from New York City, so there's always something interesting happening at home or downtown that your kids can go see. If you work outside of Cortlandt, there are also good options for school districts. There's Eastchester Central School District, South Colonie High School, and Croton Falls Elementary School within 10 minutes' drive of the village.

Cortlandt has a library card system called Booksense.

Where is the Van Cortlandt House in Westchester, NY?

The Upper Manor House is currently part of the Cortlandt Healthcare nursing care center and can be seen by appointment only. The Upper Manor House is near Hillside Cemetery at Cortlandt Manor, Westchester County, New York, where Pierre and his wife, Joanna Livingston Van Cortlandt, are interred.

The Lower Manor House is located on The College of New Jersey campus in Lawrenceville, NJ. It is open daily for tours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. During school years, there is an admission fee of $5 for adults, $3 for students/seniors, with lower fees during summer months.

The house was built between 1770 and 1780 by David Van Cortlandt, first mayor of Westchester County, who had inherited much land from both parents. His father was Pieter van Cortlandt, one of the first European settlers in New York City. David married Joanna Livingston, a wealthy widow with two children, Peter and Catharine. When David died at the age of 36, he left his family well off enough that they did not have to work again. They raised seven children in this home.

When the house was being built, the area was still occupied by Native Americans who were paid by the Van Cortlandts not to attack their house. Once it was completed, the family moved into the Lower Manor House while they looked for another home to replace it.

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