Which direction is good for home entrance?

Which direction is good for home entrance?

The main entrance to a home, according to Vastu Shastra, is not just the entry point for the family, but also for energy. The main door, regarded as the "archway to triumph and advancement in life," should face north, east, or north-east. It should be wide enough for cars to enter easily, and it should have a lockable door.

A south-facing entrance is best used for offices, since this entrance will lead to success in business.

An entrance that faces west is useful for bedrooms because it gives opportunity to dream big dreams and reach for new goals.

An entrance that faces either north-east or east has opportunities for growth ahead. These are strong directions for homes with many rooms because people who live in such houses can expand their business quickly without worrying about space limitations.

North entrances are best for small houses because this entrance will limit the movement of people inside the house. Also, keep in mind that children should never be allowed to use the front door as they may not be able to go through the exit door later on.

East entrances are useful for large houses because they allow family members to move around without being restricted by any wall. Also, these entrances provide an escape route in case of fire.

South-facing entrances are beneficial for businesses because they give opportunity to succeed in work.

What to do if the main door is south-facing?

Main doors or entrances to a south-facing property must be positioned in the center of a south-facing wall or area, according to vastu principles. This is done to align the energy of the home. Entrances to the left of the center point are likewise often favorable. The reasoning is that since the sun enters the house through the west window and travels east, placing the entrance on the left keeps it out of its path.

An exception to this rule is made for security reasons. If a property has a north-south driveway, then the main entrance can be located to the north side of the house to allow for easier access during emergencies. However, even with this exception, vastu experts recommend placing the entrance as far south on the property as possible to maximize sunlight exposure.

In addition to main entryways, there are other secondary entries into the home that require placement under vastu guidelines. These include garage doors, back doors, and screen doors. It is important to understand that these other entries share the same southern exposure as the main entryway. Therefore, they will need to be placed as far south on the property as possible.

Placing main entrances to a south-facing property in the center of a wall ensures that all areas of the house receive equal amounts of sunlight exposure.

How do I know the direction of my home's entrance?

The main entrance should face north, east, or north-east, according to Vastu Shastra. But here are some additional possibilities: If you wish to build/install an entry door in the north wall, make sure it is in the north-east area of the north wall. Otherwise, the house will not be able to accommodate all four directions.

An alternative way to install an entry door is to place it in the eastern wall. However, this door should be in the south-east corner of the eastern wall.

A third option would be to install the entry door in the northern wall and make sure that it is in the south-eastern corner of the wall. This way, the house can easily accommodate all four directions.

The main purpose of having a direction for your entrance is so that evil spirits cannot enter the house through the front door. Only open doors can allow evil spirits into a house. So, making sure that your front door faces the right direction is very important.

There are many ways to find out the direction of your house's entrance. You can use any one of them as a reference point when building your house. For example, if you want to build the house on a plot of land that is facing north, then make sure that the entrance is also located in a north-facing wall.

Is the South-West Entrance good as per Vastu?

According to vastu, the direction of your home or office's main entrance is crucial. It is a place from where you welcome wealth and well-being. There are many vastu specialists who recommend that the south-to-south-west directions are a complete no-no and one needs to steer clear of them.

The main objection to this direction is that it blocks out the beneficial effects of the sun's rays. You will not get the warmth of the sun on a cold day nor will you receive the blessings of prosperity.

Also, if your home has multiple entrances, choosing the south-west one is the best option. This way you can maximize the benefits of all the other entrances too.

It is recommended that you avoid this direction if you can change it to north-east or west. They are the most favorable ones according to vastu.

People who live in apartments should note that the main entrance should be allowed by law. If it isn't, then they should be able to get permission from their management to install a secondary door at another location.

Apartment owners who choose not to allow the main entrance should look into getting window boxes installed so they can enjoy the benefits of nature. These boxes contain plants which help clean the air we breathe in large cities like New York.

In which direction should the house be higher?

According to Vastu principles, the front of the home should be built low and the back on a higher position. As a result, a primary gate facing north or east is preferable. A secondary entrance south- or west-facing is also acceptable.

The height difference between the front and back of the house should be at least 3 feet (1 m). The goal is for any water that might find its way onto the property from the street to drain away quickly. Areas where water stands for longer than 12 hours may require some additional construction techniques such as ponding or gutters.

People who live in houses with high fronts are likely to feel uncomfortable if there are no windows in the front of the house. Thus, it is recommended that at least one window be placed in the front yard as early as possible in the planning process. The window should be placed as far forward as possible without blocking the view from the road. It should also be located so that it faces either north or east to allow for good energy.

If you want to know more about Vastu, I recommend these books: "Earth's Living Organisms: An Analysis of Their Nature and Origin" by Llewellyn Ivins and Herbert M. Basset; and "Vedic Science: Its Principles and Practice" by Dr. James P. Mills.

Is the north entrance good for a house?

The primary door/entrance should always face north, north-east, east, or west, as they are considered fortunate orientations. Avoid placing the main entrance in the south, south-west, north-west (north side), or south-east (east side).

An alternative way to determine the direction of the main entrance is by looking at the location of the garage. If the garage is on the left side of the house then the main entrance should be on the right side. If the garage is on the right side of the house then the main entrance should be on the left side.

These directions apply to single family homes in the United States. In other countries, you should follow local customs.

You should also determine which direction the back door is located before selecting an entry point. The main entrance should be placed in a manner that allows easy access without crossing traffic lanes. Consider how people will be entering and leaving your home when choosing locations for your entry points.

Direction matters! The main entrance should always face one of these directions: north, north-east, east, or west. This helps to ensure that good luck is with you whenever you enter your home.

There are several factors to take into account when selecting an entry point.

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