Which god should be placed at the entrance?

Which god should be placed at the entrance?

Lord Ganesha idols at the front door or over the front door are a typical fixture in Indian households. Because some people think that having Lord Ganesha face the home is unlucky, another statue or portrait of him is put on the inner side of the door. He who owns the house then has the right to choose which image to place first.

There are several stories about how this custom started. Some say that once upon a time all the doors of a house stood together until one fateful night when there was a terrible earthquake. The walls of the house collapsed and every single door was destroyed. Only one door remained intact and it was that of the house where the idol of Ganesh was kept. So ever since then, people have been putting the image of Ganesh next to the door as a protection measure against evil spirits.

Another story says that a king wanted to make his son-in-law happy so he ordered that an image of Ganesh be made and placed at the entrance of their palace. This image still exists today and it's always placed before the main gate.

Yet another story says that a king wanted to make his wife happy so he ordered that an image of Ganesh be made and placed at the entrance of their palace.

Where do you place the gods in your house?

Place these idols in the east of the house, facing west, to boost happiness in the home. The idols of these gods must face north to south, according to Vaastu. These images should not be made of metal or wood, but rather clay or stone as these materials are considered purifying.

The main purpose of having gods in our homes is to get blessing from them. We ask them to bless us with good health, wealth, and love marriage. Of all the things that we want from life, only one thing is needed: faith. Without doubt, without condition, just believe that what you want will be given to you.

If you don't believe, then nothing will happen. It's very simple. If you believe that money will come into your life, then it will come into your life. If you believe that you will have a happy marriage, then you will have a happy marriage. All kinds of things can happen when you believe.

So keep this concept in mind when you are planning for your home, work, and family. All three need your attention, so don't focus on just one thing. Also remember that the more serious you are about getting blessings from the gods, the more likely they are to come through for you.

Which god idol should be kept in the office?

The seating position is excellent. An idol of Ganesha in the sitting position, also known as the lalitasana, is considered suitable for worshipping inside the confines of your own house. Such images are usually made of bronze or silver and often have been engraved with the name of the family who bought them.

Ganesha is the Hindu god of success, wisdom, intelligence, medicine, hygiene, education, art, music, mathematics, architecture, commerce, trade, law, politics, philosophy, science, technology, writing, grammar, publishing, communication, news, television, radio, the Internet, learning new skills, understanding complex ideas, knowledge, enlightenment, liberation, life, death, rebirth, karma, jnana, bhakti, raja, shiva.

He is regarded as one of the three main deities in Shivaism along with Vishnu and Brahma. His presence is essential for worship of Shiva and his rituals are important in many religious ceremonies and festivals. He is usually depicted with an elephant head whose body represents the earth and its qualities such as wisdom, intelligence, memory, strength, courage, determination, diligence, ambition, and awareness. The deity's trunk serves as a pointer to indicate the direction towards which it should be worshipped. Three knots represent the trinity concept and allow for individual variation while still honoring all gods equally.

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