Which is the oldest house in the City of London?

Which is the oldest house in the City of London?

Written by Ben Johnson 41 Cloth Fair-The City of London's Oldest House 41/42 Cloth Fair is a unique structure hidden along a little lane in Farringdon. This is the sole home in the City of London to have survived the Great Fire of London in 1666. It was built between 1597 and 1614. The house sits on Thames Street, just around the corner from Farringdon Market. Today it functions as a museum.

For much of its history, the Cloth Fair was held along Thames Street, but this changed in 1849 when Parliament approved construction of New Oxford Street over the fairgrounds. The street remains even today, though only a few clothiers remain at their stalls. The Old House is now a museum that houses many treasures from before and after the fire. Open daily 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Free admission; donations accepted

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What is the oldest building in London that has survived the Great Fire of London?

Cloth Fair at St. Bartholomew's Priory 41 and 42 The city's oldest residence was constructed between 1597 and 1614. The walls of the adjoining St. Bartholomew's priory shielded it from the fire. It is the sole "home" that has survived. Today it is a museum devoted to the history of medicine.

What is the only preserved example of early English architecture?

The Palace of Westminster is one of the most iconic buildings in England. It was built over several decades by various architects, including George Gilbert Scott and Edward Blore. The first part of the palace to be completed was the House of Lords, which opened as temporary accommodation for Parliament in 1831. The House of Commons followed later that year, making the Palace of Westminster Britain's first truly complete parliamentary building.

Why do men retire earlier from the British Army than from other armies?

In 1747, King George II issued a royal proclamation stating that "it is his royal will and pleasure that all officers not under the age of 60 years shall be retired on account of old age." This is the origin of the term "old soldier."

What is the highest mountain in England?

Scafell Pike is the highest point in Yorkshire at 934 meters (3115 feet). It is also the highest peak in England outside of Scotland.

Which is the oldest building in London built by Christopher Wren?

Another of London's historic structures is St Mary Le Bow. After it was completely destroyed in the Great Fire, Wren restored it with a larger tower. Wren was also commissioned to create many municipal palaces, including Hampton Court, one of the British monarch's mansions on the Thames River west of London. These buildings are among the finest examples of Baroque architecture in England.

St Mary Le Bow is generally accepted as being built between 1608 and 1612. It has been called England's first skyscraper because of its three equal storeys above the main floor. The interior of the church remains largely as Wren intended it, so it is possible to see how he designed the structure.

The north aisle was added in 1720 by John Johnson who had been Wren's pupil. This extension features a magnificent barrel-vaulted ceiling that was painted by Joshua Reynolds. A large part of the original interior plasterwork is still in place today.

In 1877, the whole body of the church was reworked in a Gothic style by George Frederick Bodley. He also altered Wren's pews and carved new ones himself. They are some of the most beautiful in Europe.

Now used as a parish church, St Mary Le Bow is open for visitors every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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