Who is more powerful? Poseidon or Athena?

Who is more powerful? Poseidon or Athena?

As Yannis pointed out in the comments, Athena cannot be regarded more powerful than Poseidon, and you're making too many assumptions here. Poseidon, along with his brothers Zeus and Hades, is one of the most powerful gods. Don't get me wrong, they're quite powerful, but not in the manner that Poseidon is. The Greeks were also aware of this. In fact, one poem from Homer's time mentions that even though Poseidon is mightier than Zeus, he doesn't claim to be the most powerful because Zeus can defeat him.

Athena, on the other hand, is considered the goddess of wisdom and craftsmanship. She has no need to fight since she's always been able to outwit her opponents. Even so, when faced with a challenge she never fails to rise to the occasion.

Now, what about their power today? Well, like I said, they're both very powerful deities, but it's hard to say which one is more powerful now because we don't have much information about them. However, we do know that Poseidon has several temples all over Greece where he is worshipped with food and water every day. This shows that even though he may not be as popular as Athena is, he still has a place in Greek culture.

Who is the more powerful, Athena or Poseidon?

Poseidon is physically stronger than Athena. Along with Zeus and Hades, he is one of the most powerful Olympians. You should also keep in mind that Poseidon rules over the water. So even if Athena has a weapon of some kind, such as a spear, she would still be at a disadvantage against someone who can destroy her with just a wave of their hand.

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and craftiness. She is responsible for inventions such as the compass, torch, and olive tree. This means that she is intellectual in nature and enjoys playing tricks on people. As far as power is concerned, Athena is believed to be able to control the wind and cause storms at will. However, it is not known exactly how powerful she is compared to other gods.

In conclusion, Poseidon is stronger than Athena but this doesn't mean much since both of them are subject to Zeus's authority. Athena is known for being wise and clever so she could outwit even the mightiest of deities.

Is Poseidon powerful?

Poseidon is a strong deity as well. He is not quite as strong as Zeus, but he comes close. To summarize, Zeus and Poseidon are both extremely strong gods since they are the top and second most powerful gods on Mount Olympus, respectively. Zeus and Poseidon are distinct in that they are gods of distinct worlds. While Zeus is known for his influence on humanity, Poseidon's influence is felt through water. However, they do have some similarities - for example, they are both immortal and they both have power over the oceans.

Is Poseidon stronger than Zeus?

Poseidon wielded more authority than Zeus. Even though Zeus is a skyfather and divine lord, Poseidon is physically stronger and a divine lord as well as a transcendent merman. A celestial lord rules over the lesser gods. This indicates that Poseidon can still defeat Zeus.

Who’s stronger, Poseidon or Zeus?

Power. Both gods were highly powerful, but Zeus was the supreme deity and the most powerful of the two. Zeus was the most powerful of the Greek gods, the one who both mortals and deities would seek assistance from. He had dominion over the sky and all things sky-related (such as clouds and weather), so he was responsible for many natural disasters. However, he was also responsible for bestowing blessings on mankind in the form of rain, sunshine, and harvest. He was said to be able to raise mountains and move continents, which shows that even though he was worshipped throughout Greece, Asia Minor, and Africa, he wasn't limited to these regions.

Poseidon on the other hand was the god of the sea and earthquakes. Although he was one of Zeus' children (Zeus had dozens of children with multiple goddesses and men), he was always considered second place to his brother. Even so, he was still very powerful - he could create storms and floods and destroy cities with his waves.

In conclusion, both gods were highly powerful, but Zeus was the supreme deity and the most powerful of the two. He was the one who both mortals and deities would seek assistance from.

Who holds a better weapon? Zeus or Poseidon?

Poseidon and Zeus are both great gods, but they both believe that their domain is superior. Poseidon believes that the sea is superior to the sky, but Zeus believes that the sky is superior to the sea. Zeus' weapon is so strong that whomever steals it would be destroyed. However, Poseidon's weapon can destroy anything.

Zeus and Poseidon have been fighting since the beginning of time for who is the best god. They both have different powers that can help them win fights easily. But in the end, both of them realize that they should not fight each other instead they should work together to stop other gods from stealing each others' weapons.

However, this does not mean that they become friends. Both of them still hate each other but they need each other to save Olympus from destruction. Without one of them, there is no hope for anyone on Earth except for some humans who will someday help the two gods come to an agreement.

As you can see, both Zeus and Poseidon have great powers that could help them win fights easily. But it is not recommended to use your power unless really needed because if you use your power too often, it could lead to him destroying Olympus itself!

Also, remember that whoever steals the other god's weapon will be killed by it so do not steal anyone's weapon!

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