Why is architecture frozen music?

Why is architecture frozen music?

"Architecture is frozen music," wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, although musicians and architects work in very different ways. AIA John Massengale is a global thought leader on the intersections of urban design, architecture, placemaking, and walkability. In this interview, he explains that architecture is like music because both are forms of expression that connect people with their environment. Massengale also notes that musicians use instruments to create sounds, and architects use materials to create shapes that call out to us through sight and sound.

What makes the architecture unique?

Architecture, unlike other creative and artistic professions, must constantly represent the era and cultural environment in which it was created. It takes time, money, and teamwork to design and create architecture (from financiers, civic officials, builders, architects, and more). Because of this fact, no two buildings are ever exactly the same: they reflect the values and beliefs of their creators.

The American School of Bombay was designed by Henry Cobb, a prominent American architect who had also worked on many other important projects in India including Delhi's Government House and Mahabalipuram's Shore Temple. The school was built using Indian building materials and techniques and therefore represents an integration of Western and Indian styles of architecture. It is considered one of the first examples of modern architecture in India.

You can learn more about the history of the American School of Bombay in this video from the National Park Service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO-1cEMG5b0

How can architecture connect us?

A tour of intelligent settings designed to bring people together and strengthen communities, rather than to divide them. "Architecture is about visceral emotions, not arithmetic or zoning," explains Marc Kushner. "It's about how we feel when we look at a building, and it's meant to be that way." He continues: "People love stories, especially emotional stories. Architecture is a tool for telling those stories."

One example is the Wellesley College Museum of Art, which opened its doors in 1960. Designed by architect Louis Kahn (1911-1976), this striking white structure with black roofs is now considered one of his masterworks. It embodies the philosophy that inspired it - beauty that comes from simplicity, clarity, and honesty. The museum's collection is based on three principles: art should be useful, important, and affordable. Many examples of artwork by famous artists are on display here; they include paintings by Cezanne, Degas, Gauguin, Matisse, Picasso, and Turner.

Kahn also designed the MIT Center for Advanced Engineering Study in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which first opened its doors in 1967. This unique building was intended to foster new ideas through conversation - a place where scholars could meet to discuss their research or just hang out and chat over coffee.

Why is architecture the mother of all the arts?

Architecture is what we build by combining natural shapes and the structure of our own physical selves. We put ourselves "into" our buildings, and they have an impact on our surroundings as they work back on us. This is why artists love architecture - it allows them to express themselves through their use of shape and material.

Also, architects are always looking for new ways to improve upon the built environment, which is exactly where technology comes in. As we learn more about how people interact with computers, they can be used to make homes or offices that are intuitive to use and provide a great experience for its users. Some modern technologies used in architecture include GPS, Wi-Fi, and computer-aided design (CAD).

Finally, architects need to understand people's emotions if they want to create successful designs. They need to be able to see things from the viewer's perspective and know how different elements of their project may affect certain groups of people differently.

For example, if you were designing a new home, an architect would need to know whether you prefer quiet spaces or not, how much sunlight you need, what colors feel good to you, and so on. By understanding people's needs and desires, they can create houses that are comfortable to live in.

Does architecture affect culture?

We are all aware that people and their activities are inextricably linked to architecture. Buildings, which are fundamentally social and cultural artifacts, are impacted by the ideas, values, beliefs, activities, connections, and forms of the social groups that they house.

The most obvious example is that buildings are used for leisure activities such as visiting friends and relatives, playing sports, and holding events. But they also influence more subtle aspects of our lives such as how we think and act as individuals.

Architecture affects culture in many ways, including through the choice of materials used, the design of the building, and its aesthetic appeal. A building can even have an indirect effect on society's values by providing certain opportunities or limiting others. For example, a prison cell may not be especially luxurious, but it offers no opportunity for violence; thus, it does not affect society's sense of justice.

People often assume that only modern architects would want to affect culture through their work, but this is not true. Medieval architects designed buildings with intricate details that were intended to attract visitors and make them feel welcome. Modern architects continue this tradition by creating hotels with colorful designs that are sure to attract guests' attention, for example.

Even simple things like the color of a building's walls or its location within a city can affect people's attitudes toward each other.

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